The Green Owl Cafe–Madison, WI

The Green Owl Café in Madison, WI is a 100% vegetarian restaurant with lots of great vegan selections. It was the third place on our vegan road trip. It was a beautiful day, so we opted to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine along with our delicious vegan food. Their slogan is “vegetarian cuisine for people who love food” awesome!

With so many different choices, it was interesting to both of us that we ordered Southern dishes. I ordered the jambalaya and cornbread and Laura had the Crabby Cake Po'boy.

My dish (above), the jambalaya and cornbread was a combination of rice, red beans, tempeh, and vegetables soaked in a smoky sauce. They served it with a side of steamed kale. The cornbread had chunks of corn and red peppers cooked inside. I really enjoyed the smoky flavor of my main dish. It was satisfying and filling. The kale was cooked just right as well. The kale wasn’t cut, so the pile shown above was actually do very large pieces. It made it a bit difficult to eat, but I managed. The flavor of the cornbread was nice, but the texture was very dry. I ended up breaking it apart and trying to soak up every last drop of the sauce with it. In the end I gave up, and left half of it.

Laura had the Crabby Cake Po'boys. I didn’t sample them since they were filled with mushrooms. I did eat a couple of her kale fries. Check out her blog for her thoughts on the dish: One Girl, Two Cities

We were both way too stuffed to try and eat any dessert even though they had a peanut butter chocolate cheese cake we were both drying to try. We were full! The inside of the restaurant was nice and friendly.

There was a large collection of owl stuff inside the front door in the waiting area.

We both enjoyed The Green Owl, and can understand why it came so highly rated. The service was great, there was easy parking, the food was fantastic, and it was reasonably priced. Vegan and gluten-free options were clearly labeled on the menu. I plan on going back the next time I am in Madison.

The Green Owl Cafe
1970 Atwood Avenue, Madison, WI


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    1. I like that most vegan/vegetarian places have such a cool eclectic vibe to them. Bonus when the food is good.