Last Week In Tastiness


After not cooking much last week, I was on a mission to make more food at home. Looking through this week’s images I would says that is a success. The food is overall much healthier than last week as well.

The plat above is some roti with frozen veggie medley. We were in a rush and feeling lazy. With some extra spices, it’s a quick and easy meal.


I’m not sure why I haven’t made the broccoli and peanut sauce above more lately. It’s a huge favorite of my friends. Laura hadn’t had it yet, so I made it this weekend. She loved it as well. I love the ginger and peanuts together. So good.


Above is a new mixed frozen veggies from I think Costco or Sam’s. I can’t remember right now. I really like it though. All organic with beans, broccoli, carrots, peppers, and squash? With some salt and pepper it’s a great meal in less than five minutes. I had it twice this week.


I didn’t make healthy choices all week though. I found myself getting fatter one delicious kettle corn kernel at a time this week at work. A coworker makes it and sells it at local sporting events, so sometimes he brings it sometimes for free. I shared a bag with a coworker. It was delicious, and afterwards we both felt a touch sick. It was probably worth it.


We decided to try and get some better food in for lunch, so we walked to the local grocery store to indulge in their salad bar. I loaded up on leafy greens and the dried fruit. Yum! We ate outside which was really nice except the for the dust that kept blowing into our water!


Microgreens, fresh guac, black beans, and masa corn cakes. These are quickly becoming a regular meal. They are so easy and really delicious. I’ve been playing making my guac recipe even more lazy by using some salsa instead of onions and tomatoes. Thanks to Brandy for the tip.


Chips, fresh guac, microgreens, and more of those delicious frozen veggies. This was the second time I ate them. We will have to buy more. I like that while there is a big bag, there are smaller bags inside of it which are about one serving. It makes prep much easier, and it should avoid freeze burn. At the rate we are eating the veggies, I’m not worried about freezer burn.


We finished the week off with some lemon, blueberry waffles. I used a heaping cup of blueberries added to the waffle mix along with about 1.5 tsp of lemon extract. I would have loved to use some lemon zest or fresh lemon juice, but I had neither. This one worked great given what ingredients we had on hand.

What’s your favorite frozen veggie blend?


  1. Those frozen veggies look really good. So bright compared to some brands.

    I am glad you are using the salsa tip. It comes in handy when you don't have any tomatoes or don't want to cut into a fresh onion for just a bit. Nothing wrong with being a lazy vegan when we can.

    1. Thanks again for the salsa tip. It was an easy way to add a lot of flavor.