Southwestern Rice and Beans

Southwestern Rice & Beans

I like simple to make and tasty food. This dish is a favorite at my house because it meets both of those conditions. It takes less than five minutes of prep time. This time I modified my recipe for Easy Southwestern Rice by adding one 15oz can of rinsed pinto beans. Otherwise the recipe is the same. Click on the link to see the full recipe. 

Dr T. Colin Campbell at TEDxEast

A couple of you expressed interest in my class at eCornell on the fundamentals of nutrition that I mentioned in my previous post. I’ve finished the first few sections, and I am enjoying it.

The video below was mentioned as extra material. Since it is on YouTube, I can share it with you! It is a very summarized version of the first few modules of the course - several hours of material in less than twenty minutes.


YouTube: Resolving the Health Care Crisis: T. Colin Campbel at TEDxEast