Last Week In Tastiness


This last week seems to have been inspired by Mexican themes. The tacos above were something we quickly whipped up at home using some cheap, locally made corn tortillas, spinach, black beans, salsa, and cilantro.

Truce–Minneapolis, MN


Truce is a new all vegan, organic, and gluten-free restaurant in the Twin Cities. They are conveniently located in south Minneapolis on 32 and Hennepin. They were our last stop on our vegan road trip.

Last Week in Tastiness

Strawberry Pancakes and Fresh Orange Juice

Last time, this post was hard to write because I had nearly 25 pictures of different things I ate. Choosing which ones to share was hard since they were all so good. This time, I only had four pictures.

Burr Oak Winery–New Lisbon, WI


While driving home from our vegan road trip, Laura spotted a sign on the freeway mentioning a vineyard. She asked if we could stop. We had plenty of time, so I said what the heck, lets check it out. While I don’t drink often, I do enjoy a good glass of wine. We pulled off I-94 in search of the winery.