Chocolaterian–Madison, WI
While walking to the Green Owl, we spotted the big brown and white sign of Chocolaterian. We were intrigued; we both love chocolate. We took a walk to investigate.

They have a scooter in the front window, so they had me even more intrigued. I like motorcycles.

They also have several windows into the kitchen, so we could watch them make the chocolate and other candies on sale.

http://www.everydaytastiness.comThe inside was comfortable and welcoming. It felt like a coffee shop, but with more focus on chocolate. Did I mention I love chocolate yet? Yum. It smelled great! I was like a big kid in a candy store, nose pressed up to the glass looking at all the little signs for the green vegan “V”.  I was excited to see they have several vegan options. For those who need it, they also have many gluten free options as well.

One of the first things that drew my attention was the chocolate covered pretzels. They looked delicious with the color sprinkles.

They also had almond rochers, mint meltaways, and fruit and nut bark. They all looked really good. I wanted to sample them all, but I was still very full from lunch. I would have to choose one.

The spicy chocolate cookie was also tempting. I nearly missed it since it didn’t have the green “V” like the other items. Instead, it just had “vegan” printed on the bottom. Fortunately, the staff was really friendly and helpful. They pointed it out to me. I thanked them for having so many vegan options, and she said “we have something for everyone, so they can all enjoy chocolate”. Nice!

In the end, I settled on the chocolate covered pretzel. I ate it slowly as we continued to walk around and explore Madison. If you need a sweet treat in Madison, check out Chocolaterian.

2004 Atwood Ave, Madison, WI 53704


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