Sol D’Licious–Kenosha, WI

We arrived at Sol D’licious in the afternoon after driving from Madison. It was our only reason for visiting Kenosha. We wanted to sample the food from a 100% vegan café to add to our Vegan Road Trip. I was looking forward to the vegan gyro.

I missed the place the first time around the block. It is on a main road. We found some street parking on the second pass and wandered in. We just missed the lunch rush, so it was relatively empty. I liked the well lit space. The brick on the wall was a nice touch as well.

There was a fish tank in the middle with several fish in it. I took a few tries to get a photo of this blue fish. He was a bit camera shy.

We started with the unity juice which has kale, spinach, carrot, lime, green apple, and peppermint. We both really enjoyed it and it served as a good appetizer while we waited for them to make our food.

I was really looking forward to the vegan sol gyro, but they sold out just before we arrived. I was pretty disappointed as that was the main thing I wanted to try on the menu. The server mentioned it is one of their most popular dishes. I ended up settling for the vegan tamales.

The vegan tamales are made from corn stuffed with veggies. The “veggies” included some kind of mushroom. Eww. Mushrooms are not veggies. The homemade spicy tamale sauce was really good. I enjoyed the sauce and the bit of tamales I rescued from the mushrooms.

Laura ordered the BST. It is a house-made tofu bacon, spinach, and tomato sandwich covered with vegenaise and grilled on some sprouted bread. They served it with a side of rosemary roasted potatoes. I really liked this dish. I was very temped to send mine back and order it instead. The flavors and textures went together really well. 

Check out Laura’s blog: One Girl, Two Cities to see what she thought of her food.

We decided to have a vanilla lemon cupcake for dessert. It was really well done. The lemon and vanilla flavors were pleasant.

The staff were very friendly and knowledgeable about their offerings. The prices were very reasonable with our meals at $8 and $9 respectively. If I am in the area again, I will give them a try again. They also offer massages and yoga.

Sol D'licious
1351 52nd Street, Kenosha, WI 53140


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    1. The food looks pretty tasty. It is unfortunate when you have surprise ingredients that you don't like and aren't mentioned on the description of the dish.

      1. Laura food was really good. Yea, surprise ingredients are not good at all. Especially mushrooms. :-(