Mary’s Market Café & Bakery - Rockford, IL

There are not a lot of veg* options in Rockford, so we were happy to find this one on happycow during our vegan roadtrip. the reviews on the other locations set my expectations very low.

The breakfast menu doesn't have veg* options marked. We tried to ask questions from the ordering staff. She was really confused and offered us a gluten free menu when we asked about vegan options. We insisted and received the lunch menu which had several options listed.

We picked the avocado tacos since they were marked as vegan. She asked us for a choice of side. We picked the beet salad. I had a very hinky vibe by now, so I asked if the beet salad was vegan. She said no, it had cheese. I asked for it to be removed. We were disappointed she didn’t suggest it when we ordered. We also ordered tea.

The tea came promptly, but the food took well over 30 minutes for two small avocado tacos. The people behind us had received their food and finished it and were leaving by the time ours came. Maybe they didn't have the lunch stuff prepped since it was about 10am.

Tacos tasted good. I like the addition of the lime. I wasn’t thrilled with the beet salad, but Laura really liked it. Neither of us are interested in going back.

Mary's Market Bistro Cafe
2636 McFarland Rd
Rockford, Illinois 61107


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