The Cheeze Factory Restaurant–Wisconsin Dells, WI


When I found the Cheeze Factory on happycow, I was surprised to find it in Wisconsin Dells, WI. The area is very touristy and dairy heavy. It was great to find a 100% vegan restaurant in the dells. Their vast menu alone is temptation enough to stay overnight in the area not to mention the bakery case. Oh, the bakery case!


The Cheeze Factory was one of the last restaurants we visited on our vegan road trip. It was easily found a short drive from I-94 up the main drag. I have been in this area at least a dozen times and had no idea this place had been there the whole time. They are 100% vegan and GMO-free with many gluten-free options as well. They have been open since 1992.


We came just after lunch and set about to reading the large menu. It was tough to choose what to order, so we decided to make it easy and start with drinks. Laura ordered an espresso float; yup, vegan ice cream.


I decided to go for the “ice cream” soda and instead of root beer chose mandarin lime. It was refreshing and full of citrus flavor. It was hard to save some for my entrée. The hot chocolate with marshmallows was a tempting second choice.


They had a seasonal insert to the main menu, so I ordered from that. I had the black bean and chorizo tortada for $17. The food was delivered very quickly by their super friendly staff.

The tortada is a large spinach flour tortilla stuffed with grilled veggies, sweet potatoes, a cheesy spread, chorizo sausage, salsa fresca, and black beans. They also served it with grilled plantain chips, greens, salsa, and coleslaw. I didn’t care for the coleslaw much, but I loved my entrée. I am a sucker for black beans and sweet potato, so I really enjoyed it. The tortilla was slightly crispy. The chorizo was nice, but I thought it was a bit unnecessary.


Laura ordered from the seasonal menu as well and had the fried chicken, bacon, and maple wafflewich. Check out her blog: One Girl, Two Cities to see what she thought.


We were both completely stuffed after our entrees. While wandering around checking the place out, we discovered the bakery case. It was stuffed with amazing looking desserts. We couldn’t resist and ordered some.


We ordered a slice of the chocolate cake. They put the cute hearts on it and the dust on the side. A nice touch. The slice was $7. We both really enjoyed it. I especially liked the chocolate ganache top and sides. The mousse filling was great too. We also ordered a slice of apple pie also $7 to take home with us and eat on the road. The pie looked great in the case, but wasn’t that great. I won’t be getting the pie again.


They even had cute little vegan mints to go with the bill.


The Cheeze Factory isn’t an inexpensive place, but I will be adding it to my list of places to stop when driving to Chicago. There are a few other entrees I would like to sample on their menu. I look forward to my next visit to the area.

The Cheeze Factory Restaurant
521 Wisconsin Dells Pkwy S, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965


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  1. Man does that place look tasty. Wish we could get vegan desserts in Corvallis.