Last Week in Tastiness

Chocolate Cake from Cheeze Factory

This last week in tastiness, I tried to eat a tad healthier than I did the previous week. I felt a bit piggy after the amazing amount of food we ate on our vegan road trip.  The photo above is the chocolate cake we had at Cheeze Factory (review pending). You can see a bit more at Vegan Road Trip Day 4. I like they made a heart out of cocoa powder for us.

Roasted Yukon Gold Potatoes

I roasted some Yukon gold potatoes in the oven for an hour at 350. I didn’t add any spices, and I left the skins on. They had been sitting in the fridge for a while, so they were a touch sweet. The skin helped keep some of the flavor in besides adding some extra texture and fiber. I ate them like large hunks of popcorn. No utensils needed!  

Mixed Vegetables

Some mixed veggies that I’ve written about before with carrots, corn, green beans, and edamame. I added some frozen broccoli in addition to some spices. I like this kind of lunch because I don’t need to keep it in the sketchy fridge at work. It thaws out just in time to heat it up and eat it.

Fruigees Kalefornia Grape Drink

I got this fruit smoothie drink from my monthly vegan snackbox. I really enjoyed the strong concord grape flavor. It was mostly kale and grapes. A pretty healthy snack. I also love the label on the front “Totally Vegan!!!!” So enthusiastic!

Cheese Burrito from Ecopolitan

I met Laura for lunch at Ecopolitan, Minneapolis’s first vegan restaurant. I had the chili “cheese” burrito. I really like the flavors in this dish. The sprouts and collard leaf really add some nice texture. It’s a bit spicy with a hint of nutty creaminess. It is also all raw.

Chocolate Chip Cookies with Marshmallows

This past week I spent some time with my friend Nicky. She owns Comfort Candy, a vegan candy company. I had the unfortunate job of helping her test some of her new creations. Smores Cookies. Yum! The marshmallows were just slightly golden brown and the graham cracker still had some crunch. The chocolate was great as usual. I think there is one more in the fridge… hmmm… time to go eat one!

Chickpea Masala with Potatoes

She also made a masala chickpea curry with chaat masala seasoning in addition to garam masala. I’d never had chaat masala spice before. She said it was recommended to her by an Indian friend. It has a nice tangy flavor. I will have to get some next time I am at the Asian store. I put it on top of the remaining potatoes. They went really well together.


  1. Those raw burrito look really yummy. I had some raw nachos in Tacoma last weekend that were pretty good too.

    I used to sign up for the vegan snack box every month but found I was getting too much junk food. Also tried the vegan exchange program where you are paired with someone domestic or international and trade boxes of vegan food with a $20 limit. I traded once with Germany, once with Belgium and then the one from Colorado was a bust, she never sent me my box and ended up getting banned from the program. Kind of jaded me on it and I haven't done it since.

    The vegan goodies form overseas were awesome.

    1. the burritos are really yummy. when you come to visit, I will take you there. They are my favorite thing on that menu.

      I agree the snackbox is full of snack most of which aren't very healthy at all. It is fun to see what kind of new stuff is out there. I haven't decided if I will renew it after this first period.

      I saw you mention the exchange program before. it sounds interesting, but i would want to trade with someone who would actually do it. plus i am lazy haha. vegan goodies from overseas do sound like fun