Chai-less Chai aka Turmeric Milk

Chai-less Chai aka Turmeric Milk

Turmeric milk or what I like to call Chai-less chai is a delicious drink I’ve recently discovered. I like to call it chai-less chai since there is no tea or caffeine in it, but it still has all the great flavors from the spices. It’s so quick and easy; you should make some now!

Rouxbe Professional Plant-Based Course Task #5

Rouxbe Task #5

This week I started my Rouxbe Professional Plant-Based Certification Course. It is going to be intense. There are over 400 tasks to complete in about six months. It has started off with a lot of reading and background information along with learning to use the class platform. I am really excited to be taking the course!

Tree House Restaurant–Saint Louis, MO

Tree House Restaurant

Tree House is an all vegetarian restaurant on Grand Blvd in Saint Louis. They are just down the street from Lulu’s and several other good spots. I found this one on happycow and was excited to try their brunch menu.

Lulu’s Local Eatery–Saint Louis, MO

lulu's local eatery

Lulu’s Local Eatery came highly recommended by two friends with experience in the Saint Louis area. Reviews on happycow were also very positive. I made it my first food stop in the area. I was torn which entrée to get, so I ordered two. No regrets.

Trumpet Blossom–Iowa City, IA

Trump Blossom Iowa CIy, IA

While discussing my current road trip with a friend, he mentioned a 100% vegan place in Iowa of all places. I had to check it out. This morning, I left MN around sunrise and made it the 250+ miles for Trumpet Blossom’s opening at 11am. It was worth it.