Last Week in Tastiness


From the photos this last week, it doesn’t look like I did very much cooking. I did make a few meals, and I guess I didn’t take any photos of them. The photo above is a breakfast I had; raw carrot cake, candied ginger, coconut, raspberry cupcake, coconut cupcake, and a chocolate coconut cupcake. They were all quite good.


Heuvos Rancheros at Hard Times Café. One of my favorite dishes there. It’s funny to me how many pictures of this dish I have. Each one has a different colored plate. Maybe someday I should make a collage.


This is the stoplight platter at Foxy Falafel. I haven’t been there in over a year, so I thought I’d stop by for lunch to see how they are doing. They started as a food truck and then turned into a restaurant. The food is still good, but the food truck still seems better. The stoplight platter is a combination of three different kinds of falafel: curry, beet, and regular.


Strawberry cupcake from cupcake. This was an expensive little cupcake at just over $3. Hard times sells cupcakes twice the size for less. This one was small, but full of flavor. I was impressed with the strong strawberry flavor in the frosting along with the good texture.


We took a road trip to Marshall, MN this past weekend to visit Brau Brothers Brewing. Laura had interviewed the owner before, so she helped arrange the visit. The private tour of the brewery was really nice. I enjoyed hearing about their different projects and challenges. I think it may have been my first brewery tour. I’m not a big beer fan, so I tried a flight. The flight had five different beers on it; I liked the village prude the most. It was a Belgian ale with hints of cinnamon.


They didn’t have anything specifically vegan on the menu, but Laura had called ahead to let them know we were coming. They had a few ideas and options for us. I created a wrap from different ingredients on the menu out of fried zucchini, roasted red peppers, sweet onions, and spinach. It was pretty good, and went with my beer samples nicely.


My friend Joe made some amazing pizzas this week as well. It was really nice to sample his tasty creations. He loaded up on the olives for me. yum!


My friend Nicky brought some of her amazing chocolates to the pizza party. Yum. She’s been working on making a vegan twix. I think she’s finally cracked it. The almond joys and cake balls were also good.


Have you toured a brewery? Which one?


  1. More yumminess. You are lucky you have so many vegan dining options nearby. We probably eat in 90% of the time.

    The only brewery I've been through is Rogue in Newport since you have to walk through part of it to get to the restaurant. Not a fan of beer, but I like hard cider. The beer I've tried I find I like darker beer better.

    1. The twin cities is surprisingly vegan friendly. I seem to be waffling back and forth between dining in and dining out. This series has been fun for me to look back on and see my eating trends.

      I am a big hard cider fan as well. Beer is ok, but cider is sooo much better. angry orchard ginger is my favorite.