Last Week in Tastiness


Looking at these photos, I had some good food this last week. The photo above is a chipotle black bean burger I got at Costco. Laura put some spinach, carrots, and cheese along with it. It turned out really nice.


I used some more of the vegan pepper jack cheese from above and some vegan bacon mixed into hash browns. Yum. The cheese caused them to stick together into more of a biscuit. We both enjoyed them. The Brussels sprouts with some salt and fresh ground pepper went really nice with them.


Another Costco find. They have a noodle made entirely from red lentils. No other ingredients. They had a different mouth feel than regular wheat noodles that was different, but not bad. I would consider getting them again. The sauce is pure summer. My friend canned the veggies fresh from her garden last year. They went well together.


I got my Pizza fix on at Black Sheep Pizza. They are a local chain that uses coal fired ovens to back their pizza. The crust is vegan, and they already have the #2 without cheese. I like adding olives; they are tasty.


Wow, I didn’t realize I went to Hard Times CafĂ© so many times recently. The above is one of my favorite breakfasts. I had the vegan rancheros. It’s like huevos rancheros but with tofu scramble instead of the eggs. There is also tortillas, beans, salsa, and a cilantro sauce to round it out. This one was one of the best there I have had too! The tortilla was slightly crispy as was the tofu scramble.


I was in a rush Thursday night on the way to First Thursday, so I hit up the bakery case for a chocolate cherry muffin and a raspberry muffin. The chocolate one was a bit disappointing. Not enough chocolate! Neither was particularly healthy, but both were really cheap and quick.


This last Saturday was the first time I have ever seen vegan cinnamon rolls at Hard Times. They had four left, so I bought all four. They were still warm and gooey. They were almost as good as the ones at Chicago Diner. The people behind me were not pleased that I bought the last one. I hope they turn them into a regular item!


Did you have any delicious baked goods this last week?


  1. I really need to stop reading these when I am hungry. Those cinnamon rolls look sooooo good.