Last Week In Tastiness


This last week was another great week in food. I made most of the food, didn’t go out much. To start the week off I made some blueberry waffles and Laura peeled some clementines. The combo was very nice.

dosa and tomato chutney

Later for dinner, I made some tomato chutney and mini dosas. I screwed up and used more chili than usual, and it was almost too hot to eat. I ended up making another batch and blending them together to bring the heat level down. Lots of tomato chutney to eat for the rest of the week!

roti chutney and microgreens

Next up in the tomato chutney train, I made some roti to use as burrito skins which I filled with chutney and microgreens from my basement garden. yum! This combo of microgreens included wheat grass, sunflowers, broccoli, and arugula.

tofu scramble

I haven’t been making anything with tofu lately, so the blocks I had in the fridge were ready to expire. It was a hard call between baked tofu and tofu scramble. The scramble won. I put some sunflower microgreens on top just like they did in Mexico.

roti tomato chutney and roasted potato

More roti burritos with tomato chutney. This time I had some roasted yukon gold potatoes with roasted carrots. Very good!

kale aaloo at gorkha palace

Last but not least, we went out to Gorkha Palace to get some dinner. They had Kale Aaloo on the specials menu. I had to get it since I’ve never had it, that and it contains two great ingredients: kale and potatoes! They also had some onions, ginger, and garlic. The soup was made with black eyed peas and bamboo. It had a slightly sour flavor I didn’t enjoy much. The kale aaloo was great. I hope they consider adding it to the regular menu.

What did you make too spicy last and how did you “fix” it?


  1. More yumminess.

    I made black bean soup too spicy once. Too many chills in adobo. We just sucked it up (so to speak) and ate it anyways. Sure makes the eyes water and the nose run.

  2. The Kale Aaloo looks very tasty. Was it spicy too?

    I've still been looking for curry leaves. I have found them dried but was told (by the proprietor of the store!) that they don't have any flavor.He was trying to find a source of frozen leaves.