Last Week in Tastiness


The above breakfast was really good. I made blueberry waffles topped with some local maple syrup. I helped collect the sap last year that turned into this syrup. I also made an orange, mango, and carrot smoothie with the vitamix which turned out amazing. I’ve already made it again.


One of my favorite treats above: fresh pineapple. I cut the outsides and top off. Then put the fruit and core into the vitamix to create this delicious drink; it is very sweet with strong coconut hints. Delicious.


Chocolate raspberry cake at Hard Times Café… it was only $3.50. A bargain. It took two of us to finish it off. The frosting was over 1/4” thick, and the raspberry sauce in between the layers was sweeter than jam. I went back the next day, but they had already sold out.


Vegan rancheros from Hard Times Café as well. It is my favorite dish there. Two corn tortillas covered in black beans and tofu scramble topped with ranchero sauce and a cilantro veganaise. Two black olives and some fresh lime juice, and it is ready to eat!


The Doozie salad from Tao Natural Foods. It was pretty to look at, but not filling enough for the price. I liked the combo of rice, beans, guac, and hummus. The dressing was also good.


The above was an experiment that turned out really well, and no, those are not noodles. I made some spaghetti squash for the first time; I was amazed how much the insides looked like noodles when I finished cooking it. So cool. I topped it with a tomato-bell pepper sauce. The red pepper flakes added a great kick. I will be having this for lunch again. It was good.

What’s your favorite squash and how do you like to eat it?


  1. Yumm. Who says vegans only eat nuts and seeds?

    Everything looks so tasty.

    I enjoy spaghetti squash - my mom used to halve it, scoop out the centers and then fillet with a rice/tomato mixture and bake it for an hour.

    As a grown up I seem to prefer acorn or butternut for some reason. My all-time favorite is probably acorn squash cooked with earth balance and minced onion/garlic in the centers.

    1. We also eat grass and tree bark! Lol!!

      Acorn and butternut are great too. Your description sounds really nice. I also like those with a touch of maple syrup and some walnuts.