Last Week in Tastiness


I started last week making pizzas from scratch. I made a whole wheat crust and topped it with some tomato chutney. Chutney is amazing on pizza! I’m not really interested in regular tomato sauce anymore now that my taste buds have awoken to chutney.

My girlfriend brought over some Herbivorous Butcher pepperoni and mozzarella, and then we added some red peppers and spinach. It turned out really nice.


The above is the Green Earth breakfast dish at Seward Café. Hashbrowns and black beans with some broccoli on top. A side of toast finishes it off. It was really good. The hash browns were thicker than normal which provided some nice texture.


Speaking of hash browns, I made some in the waffle iron. Yum.


Another pizza I made. This time I used a masa corn crust, chutney, onions, spinach, red bell peppers, and black olives. It was delicious. I have another one baking in the oven now.


Another combo with black beans, salsa, and roasted Yukon gold potatoes. I tossed in my rice since I had some left over. A filling lunch.


Finally, some more pizza to an already pizza filled week. This is the taco pizza from Ecopolitan. It is all vegan and raw. They made the “cheese” from macadamia and cashew nuts. The taco meat was made from lentils which were accompanied with tomatoes, bell peppers, red onion, cilantro, and some cashew sour cream. Then they threw some hot sauce on top of everything to give it a kick. Plump, fresh blueberries and some sprouts rounded it out.

What did tastiness did you enjoy this last week?


  1. Yumm, you are making me hungry.

    I too made homemade pizza on Saturday. I love to make a dough from scratch then put tomato paste (or bbq sauce) Upton Italian Sausage, green onions, Daiya mozzarella, mushrooms, green pepper, black olives and artichoke hearts. Yumm.

    1. your pizza sounds delicious too. what kind of flour do you use for your dough?

  2. I think the French toast at Seward was my favorite. And the waffles. And your tomato chutney. :)