Review: Sweet & Spicy Carrot Bisque

Spicy Carrot Soup

I found out about this recipe over on Vegalicious. The recipe won Best Soup in Vegetarian Times’ 2011 Chef Challenge.

It took a bit more time than I expected to make, but it was worth it. We both really enjoyed it a lot. Per the recipe, we topped it with reduced coconut milk.

I would recommend buying the Asian variety as it is thicker than the stuff found in the cans at normal grocery stores. It will really shorten the reducing step. I also cut out 1 cup of water. We like our soup a bit thicker.

The soup was delicious and I think would go very well with a baguette. The dominate flavors were the spiciness of the curry and sweetness of the coconut reduction. The carrot, banana, and lime were secondary. We will be making this again. Tasty!