Kale and Carrots on Ramen Noodles

Kale and Carrots on Pan Fried Noodles

I was inspired to make this after reading this post. She talked about making ramen fancy. My favorite ramen is when they pan fry it to crispiness.

I wanted to make this a healthier version, but I didn’t quite get the texture I was looking for. I started out by throwing away the spice packet and then cooking the noodles as normal in boiling water. After they were cooked, I tried to bake them for 20 minutes to make them crisp up. I was trying to avoid deep-frying.

I ended up with noodles that were still tasty, but slightly chewy. I thought it was an improvement over the regular soft texture.

For the topping, I sautéed some red onions, garlic, and carrots. Once they were nearly cooked, I added in some kale. I kept cooking until the kale just wilted.

It was a great combination and a very tasty lunch!

How do you spice up your ramen?


  1. Now I have a serious taste for kale! Looks yummy.

  2. We have been on a major kale kick lately - both kinds. So tasty