Pan “Fried” Tempeh

Pan "Fried" Tempeh

If you haven’t tried tempeh yet, you really should. It is tasty and nutritious. One our favorite kinds is Lightlife Organic Garden Veggie Tempeh. One of these days we’ll get adventurous and make our own, but for now we’ll keep buying it at the co-op.

I like to cut it into think 1/4 inch slices and then toss it onto a hot pan. Just a couple minutes on each side will make it a nice golden color and give it that crispiness we love. Sometimes we also add some olive oil and properly fry it. That’s good too, but it is nice just by itself. After it comes off then pan, I usually let it cool on a wire rack.

Serve it with some rice or quinoa and veggie (spinach is good) for a complete meal.


  1. I've never had this brand of tempeh. I might look for it as you've made it look really good here. Now that I have a nice few restaurants here that make their own tempeh, I've had no motivation to try it. Can't wait 'til you visit again as I'm looking forward to take you and Ms. V there.

  2. Sojourner: I've been thinking of trying my hand at making my own. We'll see how ambitious I get. It seems easy enough. I had some amazing home-made tempeh in bar harbour. looking forward to that visit.