VegEZ: Crispy Tofu with Cilantro Relish

Crispy Tofu with Cilantro Relish

My wife and I enjoy watching VegEZ on DeliciousTV. Toni Fiore shows how to make delicious, healthy vegan food. Last night, I made her Crispy Tofu with Cilantro Relish. Wow! It was so tasty.

It was also easy to make. It took about 15-20 minutes. The tofu was breaded with ground basmati rice which gave is a fabulous texture (vita-mix took 10 seconds to grind up the rice). The flavor and texture were so much better than breadcrumbs. Such a crunch! The tofu was crispy on the outside and had a firm consistency inside.

The relish was divine – so much flavor. Eating the tofu without the relish was like eating peanut butter without chocolate. Both are great alone, but together they are a taste sensation. Simple flavors in a great combination.

I packaged some up for lunch the next day, but after we each devoured three pieces. The fridge had to be raided for the remaining two. The relish was licked clean from the plate. It was that tasty.

Watch the VegEZ video embedded below for the recipe and instructions: (not affiliated with VegEZ just love tasty food)


  1. Looks good!!! Will have to try these!

  2. Lara: Amazing dish. I've made it several times since this posting. So good.

  3. I love this recipe but would LOVE a written recipe so I can print. Any suggestions?

  4. Anonymous: Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    Sorry. I intentionally did not include the recipe in the post since I was trying to be respectful of the original author's copyright. I wrote the recipe down while watching the video; I would suggest you try the same.

  5. I loved that video and the tofu is something I'm definitely going to make. However, I think I'll try one of the fruit salsa dressings that she mentioned is on a previous video. This is like a real winner! Thanks.

  6. Sojourner: It is an amazing dish. Most of her stuff is. It is all delicious. The crispy tofu is especially excellent with the cilantro relish.