Truce–Minneapolis, MN


Truce is a new all vegan, organic, and gluten-free restaurant in the Twin Cities. They are conveniently located in south Minneapolis on 32 and Hennepin. They were our last stop on our vegan road trip.


The little shop is located right on the corner. They have a few seats available inside, but not many. It feels like the are geared toward a takeout crowd. We weren’t super hungry, so we opted for just juice.


They offer a wide selection of juice that is made fresh daily with a hydraulic press. Each unpasteurized, 16oz juice will cost you $9. I ordered the immunity and Laura got the glow greens.


The immunity is made from apple, lemon, and ginger juice. The ginger and lemon were strong! I liked it. Laura thought it was a bit too much ginger. We agreed to disagree.

The glow greens is made from grapefruit, pear, cucumber, dandelion greens, romaine, parsley, and orange juices. I found the grapefruit and cucumber flavors too strong for my tastes. Laura liked it a lot.

While the juice was good, I would like to go back and try their smoothies or and food like the soups or salads. They offered us some freshly made hummus and veggies, but we were still full from our lunch.

1428 West 32nd St, Minneapolis, MN

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