Last Week in Tastiness

Strawberry Pancakes and Fresh Orange Juice

Last time, this post was hard to write because I had nearly 25 pictures of different things I ate. Choosing which ones to share was hard since they were all so good. This time, I only had four pictures.

To start, the picture at the top was from a breakfast I made of strawberry pancakes and some freshly made orange juice. I chopped up a pile of strawberries and tossed them into the pancake batter. The orange juice was six cuties (clementines) in the vitamix. I love how smooth that blender makes everything.

Torta at Seward Cafe

Above is the vegan torta at Seward CafĂ©, a local restaurant. The torta is two thick slices of grilled bread with daiya cheese, black beans, tofu, and veggies. It’s a bit tricky to eat since it’s so thick, but the taste is great. Very savory. The chips and salsa add a nice bit of texture as well. At least half the fixing leaked out, so I ate them with the chips instead.

black sheep pizza #2

Ah, the #2 with kalamata olives from the local pizza chain, black sheep. They have a thin crispy crust. The #2 is just sauce and basil which is good, but the olives add that extra kick of flavor and texture. The 12” suits me fine and I can usually finish it solo without feeling like I at too much, and at less than $10 is a tasty lunch.

Chocolate Raspberry Bar from French Meadow

Finishing up with a sweet treat. Laura bought me a chocolate raspberry bar from French Meadow. The bar is has an oatmeal crust, a thick filling of raspberry with a crumble and chocolate chips on top. We both enjoyed it as a deliciously sweet snack.

What sweet snack did you enjoy this last week?

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  1. Man everything looks so tasty.

    We didn't eat out at all last week, but I did make Strawberry/Cardamom scones for breakfast yesterday morning.