Twin Cities Veg Fest 2013

TC Veg Fest 2013 Goodie Bag

Yesterday, was the second annual Twin Cities Veg Fest. As last year, it was held at Coffman Union on the U of M campus. I was excited to try some new vegan food. Veg Fest is all about the tasty food right? Look at all the goodies in the grab bag!

TC Veg Fest 2013

Handing out the goodie bags. I was not one of the first 50, so I didn’t get free chipotle chips and guac. Parking this year was also more of a challenge due to a Gopher game happening across campus at the same time.

TC Veg Fest 2013

Inside was packed! A lot more people than last year. It’s great to see so many veg-curious people.

Soy Dream Ice Cream Sandwich

The lines were very long for Teese and Dandy’s marshmallows, so I hit up the Soy Delicious booth first for an awesome ice cream sandwich and some chocolate soy milk. I had to have more than one. Yum.

Punk Rawk Labs Nacho Cheese

Next up was Punk Rawk Labs. A local vegan cheese maker. I’ve been meaning to buy some at the co-op to try it, so I was happy to see they had a booth. I’ve heard good things, and now I know why. Their cheese is cashew based and awesome. They released a new flavor at the show: nacho cheese. It was nice. I need to go get some.

Way Better Snacks Chips

To continue the tour of savory foods I had a variety of chips from Way Better Snacks. They were nice. Gluten-free and vegan. I liked the spicy one the best.

Tofurky Italian Sausage

At any veg fest, you can count on seeing Tofurky. They had some Italian sausage to try. It was good. Not quite Field Roast good, but tasty none the less.

Vegan Caramels

I found some vegan caramels from Comfort Candy a local candy maker with an entire line of vegan candy. The vegan turtle squares were very good.

Kitty Corner Cafe Vegan Waffles

Kitty Corner CafĂ© was onsite serving up their awesome vegan love waffle. I written about them previously, and I couldn’t resist buying one. So good!

I also listened to a talk about vegan nutrition from Suzanne Sorensen to see if any new science had come out since last year. The new thing I heard was the vitamin D recommendations have gone up to 600mg. Living in MN, it can be hard to get enough sunshine year-round, so supplementation can be necessary. Get tested if you are not sure you’re getting enough. She mentioned that most people in MN are deficient regardless of their diet.

I had a nice time at TC Veg Fest. I enjoyed some tasty food, and had a nice time chatting with some new people. I’m looking forward to the next one!


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  1. I am glad you had a good time at the VegFest. it sounds as though you had quite a different turn out for vendors.

    Tofurky, Dave's Killer Bread, So Delicious, Daiya, among others were absent in Portland this year.

    I've been meaning to try the cashew cheese but haven't found any locally yet.

  2. It was a nice vendor turnout. Better than last year. A shame some of the bigger names didn't come to the portland one. That really confuses me as I see portland as the vegan hub of the US.

    Cashew cheese is nice. It isn't hard to make either. I've made it several times.

  3. I'm bummed I missed this - next year I won't! Since moving to North Dakota, I've been wondering what new events semi-close I could find!