Rice Paper Restaurant–Edina, MN

Rice Paper Restaurant

We love exploring new restaurant options, so I like to check the happycow listings to see if there are any new vegan friendly restaurants nearby. The other night we picked Rice Paper. The description on happycow listed it as an Asian restaurant with a vegan menu. We had to check it out.

Rice Paper Restaurant

It is located near the corner of France Ave and 50th St in Edina. They open at 5pm. I arrived shortly after and found a few people sitting inside, but since the weather was so nice we sat outside.

Rice Paper Restaurant

Make sure to ask for the vegan menu. The main menu is nice, but there is fish sauce lurking in places I wouldn’t have expected. The vegan menu is much smaller than the main menu. I was happy they had one with the options clearly listed. I don’t like playing twenty questions with the servers.

Rice Paper Restaurant

For a starter, we had vegan spring rolls off the vegan menu; the regular one has fish sauce. Delicious rice paper rolls with tofu, lettuce, bean sprouts, rice noodles, cilantro, and a tiny bit of mint. Their signature peanut sauce was amazing. It totally made the dish. I was tempted to buy a bottle to take home.

Rice Paper Restaurant

My entrĂ©e was the Rice Paper Coconut Tofu. It promised crispy tofu drizzled with scallion oil and paired with jasmine rice and a salad. They had me as toasted coconut flakes. It was delicious. I enjoyed the strong coconut flavor which was nicely complemented by the scallion oil. The tofu was moderately crispy, and the sauce smothering the rice was very tasty. The salad was also good. The sesame seeds and chopped cilantro really made it shine. I didn’t enjoy the cold coconut sauce in the small bowl. I just moved it out of the way. Portion size was good. I was able to eat the whole thing which brought me to just full which was good since there are no vegan deserts on the menu.

Rice Paper Restaurant

My wife ordered the Ruby and Jade curry. It was a spicy mix of cabbage ribbons and rice noodles in peanut curry sauce. I was tempted to get it, but after trying it I realized I made a good choice with the coconut tofu. It was good, but the cabbage was a bit over powering. It was also a tad spicier than I like, but my wife enjoyed the heat. The little sesame rice cake was tasty.

Overall, we enjoyed our trip. The hostess and server were very polite and friendly which made for a pleasant dining experience. The total was around $40 which isn’t cheap, but the food was good. I would go back again.

Rice Paper
3948 W 50th Street
Edina, MN 55424
Tel: 952 - 288 – 2888


  1. So nice to have another option when dining out. The food looks very tasty. I am a big fan of the salad rolls with peanut sauce.

    I've been hunting around Happy Cow trying to find new places to try but they seem to be in Portland or southern Oregon, no local ones.

    1. it is nice to have more options. I would go back just for their salad rolls. The peanut sauce was soooo good.