Bravo Cafe And Bakery

Bravo is one of my wife's favorite restaurants. Lots of my friends enjoy it as well. The food taste good and it is relatively cheap. All the food is vegan unless marked as NV (not vegan) which confused me the first time I went there.

Our favorite thing to get is the peppered steak. It is made from gluten and it very savory. The sauce is great, and the green bell peppers add a nice splash of color and crunchiness. I also like to get the sauteed green beans.

Take out is our favorite. The inside space is small and only seats about a dozen people. There is usually plenty of 30 minute parking out front on Grand Ave as well.

Bravo Cafe and Bakery:


  1. Looks tasty.

    I like the idea of a vegan restaurant labeling non-vegan items instead of the other way around.

    Vegan world domination is possible........ maybe :-)

    1. It was good. Yea, it is a nice feeling, but a bit confusing the first time around. Here's hoping more restaurants copy their lead.