Carrot Cake with Walnuts

Carrot Cake from Chicago Diner

This weekend my wife was craving cake. It also happened to be the third anniversary of my motorcycle blog. We set out to find some vegan cake, as I wasn’t in the mood to heat up the house while baking.

Our first stop was Whole Foods in Minneapolis. We found a small vegan carrot cake from Chicago Diner there. We’ve eaten at Chicago Diner, and it was very tasty. Without any hesitation, we bought it. It looked good sitting in the bakery case; I wasn’t particularly excited about a $24 six inch cake thought. A bit pricey.

Carrot Cake from Chicago Diner

We took it home and dressed it up for the moto blog.

Happy 3rd Birthday

Then we started eating it. It was mostly tasty. We both agreed the cheesecake frosting was a bit rich. The bottom layer of the cake also seemed dry compared to the top two. It felt like they knew it was a bit on the drier side and covered it in frosting to compensate. The walnuts on the outside provided a nice crunch and some texture variation.

Carrot Cake from Chicago Diner

In all, I’d probably give this cake a 2/5 or 2.5/5 stars. Perhaps this one was a bit older and not as fresh. It was the only vegan cake they had at Whole Foods. The others had already sold out. A bit of a let down considering the other stuff we’ve had from Chicago Diner has been fantastic.


  1. But it looks like a 5 star cake. Maybe it is your photography that makes it look so tasty. It continues to amaze me how much more they charge for vegan baked goods (when you can find them).

    We wanted to stop at one bakery in Pike's Place as they advertised vegan cinnamon rolls. We stopped on both Saturday and Sunday and they were out both days. If they had any I would have gladly forked over the $4 for one though.

    The only other vegan item they carried was a muffin and they were out of them both days too. Sigh

    1. Thanks. I try hard to make the food look good. Food photography is challenging! :)

      Vegan baked goods are hard to find which I think is silly because they are easy to make. Always cost more too. A shame. I've had quite a lot during my travels around the country though. The Cinnamon Rolls in Vancouver are very high on my list. Sonja is so spoiled.

      Bummer you missed out on all the vegan goodies in seattle. an excuse to go back ;)