Lunch at 3G Vegetarian Restaurant

3G Vegetarian Restaurant is 100% vegan and located on Cambie Street in Vancouver, BC. They serve a tasty blend of Chinese and Thai cuisine. The 3 G’s is for Graciousness, Gratefulness, and Generosity. Admiral qualities.

I ate lunch there on Day 25 of my Seven Weeks of Tastiness trip. I found easy street parking right out front with a parking meter. When I entered, I was warmly greeted and offered a seat by the window. I had just missed the lunch hour rush, so it was a bit empty with only one other table occupied. By the time I left three other tables were full.

3G Vegetarian

I ordered the Yam and Potato Tempura. I know it’s not very healthy since it was fried, but it tasted decent. I didn’t care for the sauce, but the tempura was nice. I liked the yam more than the potato and would just order them next time instead of the blend.

 3G Vegetarian - Yam and Potato Tempura

for my entrĂ©e I had Chili Tofu with Sesame Sauce and rice. The rice costs extra and was not a large amount for the price. The serving of tofu was very large, and I didn’t even finish half of it. I would think it would work best to serve two people with a vegetable side.

3G Vegetarian - Chili Tofu with Sesame Sauce

I enjoyed the flavor of the tofu. The chili wasn’t too spicy; it was just the right amount of heat. I loved the sauce. It went especially well with the tempura.

3G Vegetarian

Since they don’t have a website I took photos of their menu which was something I really wanted to see before I decided to go. The reviews on happycow were very positive, so I went. I’m glad I did. The food was good.


Main Menu Page 1:

3G Vegetarian Menu 1/3

Main Menu Page 2:

3G Vegetarian 2/3 Menu

Main Menu Page 3:

3G Vegetarian 3/3 Menu

Dim Sum Menu:

3G Vegetarian Dim Sum Menu


3G Vegetarian Restaurant, 3424 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC, V5Z 2W8. 604-568-9008

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