Breakfast at Jungle Juice Company

Day 25 of my Seven Weeks of Tastiness trip had me staying in Hope, BC, Canada. I picked to stay in Hope because of it’s proximity to Vancouver and because there was a vegan restaurant called Jungle Juice. When I arrived, they were closed for the Victoria Day holiday, so I had breakfast instead.

Jungle Juice Company in Hope, BC, Canada

My first choice after looking at the menu online was to get the Berry Blast Smoothie and Raw Power Bar, but when I got there they had a granola special that just sounded better. I was happy with my choice. It was prepared from scratch while I waited looking at the antique collection of musical instruments.

The granola was good and filling. It was paired with fresh cranberries, raspberries, and covered in hemp milk. The moist sweetness of the berries complimented the drier granola nicely. It did indeed fill me up and the conversation with the owner while I ate was also enjoyable. If you are in the area, check out Jungle Juice.

Jungle Juice Company in Hope, BC, Canada

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