Delicious Dinner

Last night, I had the pleasure of dining at Gorkha Palace with a friend. I couldn't decide which of my two favorite entrees to get, so I ordered both the channa saag and the hariyo saag. They both are delicious with garlic roti.

The waitress at Gorkha was vegan and talked about her favorite places. She got me thinking about the tasty cupcakes at Hard Times Cafe.

After dinner, we popped over to Hard Times for dessert. A chocolate cherry muffin and a chocolate mint cupcake. The cupcake was really good and tasted like a thin mint cookie.

A fun night filled with a lot of tasty food.


  1. Gorkha Palace. Very tasty memories prompted me to try and find good Indian food here in California. Unfortunately, none nearby...

    1. A shame! Since coming back from india, I have gotten much better at making indian food

    2. You went to India! What part and for how long?

    3. Tamil nadu and kerala for 3 weeks. I hope to blog about it eventually...

    4. Looking forward to the post and pictures. India is one of those places I'd love to visit...