Microgreen Burritos

Microgreen Burrito

If you’ve been following my garden blog, you’ll know that I have been growing a lot of microgreens lately. I love the variety of texture and flavor they bring to the table. I’ve been eating them daily for several weeks now. This meal combines two of current favorites: microgreens and roti.

The burritos are full of a variety of greens including cress, broccoli, clover, arugula, sunflower, peas and lentils. No sauce or extras needed. The greens provides all the flavor necessary. Roti is so much better than a tortilla for burritos. The roti has flavor all its own and is more savory. Both are made from flour.

The sunflowers provide a succulent crunch while the peas are a sweet crunch somewhere between a sweet pea and a pea pod. The arugula has hints of a savory nut while the broccoli tastes like a milder version of the mature plant. The clover and lentils don’t have a strong flavor, but do a nice job adding to the body and texture of the burrito. The cress reminds me of mustard or wasabi and adds some nice kick at the end! A delicious lunch. I ate four of them. Yum.

Microgreen Burrito

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  1. Those do look tasty.

    My mom always had sprouts going when I was young so I have a love of sprouts and now micro greens, but haven't ever tried making them myself.