Pizza Luce Duluth

Pizza Luce Duluth

It isn’t very often we can get pizza delivered since we went plant-based, so we jump at the chance when is presents itself. We were in Duluth, MN over this past weekend, and they have a Pizza Luce there. Every time we goto Duluth, we make sure to eat at two places. Pizza Luce and the Co-op.

Pizza Luce Duluth

Their delicious pizza goes great with the awesome views of Lake Superior. We ordered a build-your-own (BYO) pizza with their homemade rinotta cheese made from soy and nuts. It’s a nice change from the mainstream vegan cheeses.

This pizza had red sauce with vegan crumbles and roasted red peppers with mushrooms on one side and black olives on the other. We ordered a medium, and by the time we were done wished we had ordered a large. The pizza arrived right at the door to our room about 45 minutes after we called. One of these times we’ll remember to order ahead of time instead of waiting until the middle of the dinner rush. It was delicious.

Lake Superior, Duluth, MN


  1. Yumm. I can't imagine being able to have pizza delivered. Of course if we ordered a cheeseless pizza we could.

    1. pizza delivery FTW! Yum yum yum. cheeseless pizza isn't the same. We've done it before.