Green Garden Smoothie

Our garden has finally started to produce enough food to eat. We harvested some spinach, kale, chard, two honeyberries, and a strawberry. We ate the berries immediately, but thought it would all go together to make a delicious smoothie.

We didn't have enough berries from the garden, so we suplemented from the fridge. Don't worry about exact amounts of the ingredients, the recipe is more about ratios: 1 water, 1 spinach, 2/3 kale, 2/3 chard, 1.5-2 fruit. Let your taste buds be your guide.

  • 1 cup water
  • spinach
  • kale
  • swiss chard
  • fresh blueberries
  • frozen strawberries

  1. add water to high speed blender until the one cup mark. We use a vitamix.
  2. keep adding spinach and blending until the total amount in the blender is two cups. We used almost half a pound.
  3. add chard and blend until just before the three cup mark. We used about six ounces.
  4. add kale and blend until the 3.5 cup mark. We used about six ounces.
  5. add two large handfulls of fresh blueberries and one large handfull of frozen strawberries.
  6. blend until smooth
  7. enjoy!
Makes 5-6 cups.


  1. Yumm!!

    We finally bought a Vitamix 6300 from Costco a week or so ago. They had the new ones on a traveling road show so it has preprogrammed smoothie, frozen dessert and soup settings as well as the usual variable settings

    We've been enjoying smoothies.

    1. congrats! we love our vitamix. checkout some of the recipes for other soups and smoothies using it. we have smoothies most days for breakfast.