Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner

This thanksgiving I spent with my family, and it was entirely vegan except for a small turkey breast. He claimed vegan food “tastes like sawdust and cardboard.” It made us all laugh. Especially when he in-haled the Brussels sprouts and potatoes.

Starting in the upper left is a bowl of sweet potato and pineapple covered with some earth balance and raw sugar and then baked. Yum. On the plate at 12" o-clock is some butternut squash steamed with ginger. Upper right, is the delicious Brussels sprouts. We were lazy this year, so no homemade cranberries; just the jelly from the can. Center is a kale salad with roasted pumpkin seeds. Upper left are the Idaho potatoes and carrots from the garden outside. They were baked with the Trader Joe’s Turkey-less roast on the left.

Trader Joe's Turkey-less Stuffed Roast

This was the first time I’ve had the Trader Joe’s Turkey-less Roast. I am not a very big fan of Trader Joe’s which is going to sound like blasphemy to some as there is a cult following I do not understand with this store. My experience with most of the Trader Joe branded products has been disappointing. Yes, the price is low, but so is the quality and more importantly low flavor.

I was surprised, this roast was good. I would eat it again. My favorite roast is still Tofurky. Turkey-less was much better than the disaster we had last year. This one was made primarily of soy and wheat gluten and had a texture similar to white breast meat. The filling in the middle was a wild rice blend. It was also good.

Desert was vegan pumpkin pie and apple crisp. Both were delicious. There could have been a photo, but they were devoured like we were sick and the cure was inside. It was a good meal.

How was your thanksgiving? What was your favorite dish?

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  1. Definitely looks tasty.

    We've had the Tofurky roast before and enjoy it. I was wondering about the Trader Joes one (new this year) as it is made by Gardein. It is nice to know that it was good.

    I agree, some Trader Joes products are good and some are not so good. They change manufacturers without changing the label to and so something you buy today might be different from what you bought 2 months ago even though the label is exactly the same. And that annoys me.