Lunch Snapshot: Cat-man-do

Cat-man-do is one of our favorite restaurants. I've written about Cat-man-do before. Today, we had the buffet: tofu veggie stir fry, veggie pakora, potato and okra, and basmati rice. All washed down with some delicious kalo chia, which is a spiced black tea from Nepal.


  1. That looks so yummy and would hit the stop about now.

    We are in Tillamook today (Team Oregon sent Brad out of town this weekend and I tagged along). No veggie restaurants to be had. I think we'd be lucky to find veggie options in a restaurant while we are here in beef and dairy country.

    Good thing our hotel is next to a FredMeyer with a huge health food section and a ton of fresh fruits and veggies. Fruit is my favorite fast food.

    1. it was tasty. sorry you're in a bit of a drought right now in the middle of dairy land.

      fruit is good fast food; i also like nuts as well.