Microgreen Burritos

Microgreen Burrito

If you’ve been following my garden blog, you’ll know that I have been growing a lot of microgreens lately. I love the variety of texture and flavor they bring to the table. I’ve been eating them daily for several weeks now. This meal combines two of current favorites: microgreens and roti.

Vegan Brunch

Vegan BrunchA delicious meal is the best way to start the day. I had the pleasure of making the above for a friend. The food was almost as good as the company.

Vegan Potluck Meetup and a Recipe

Vegan Potluck

Last weekend was a potluck vegan meetup. I went with some friends and had a nice time talking and eating the great food. I brought my black bean groundnut stew and some brown rice. It is one of my favorite dishes and quite popular with my friends and family.

2nd Annual Vegan Hot Dish Cook-Off

2nd Annual Vegan Hot Dish Cook-Off

Today, was ARC’s 2nd annual vegan hot dish cook-off. The event was well attended with what looked like close to 100 people. There were over 15 people competing in three different areas: official judges, number of tickets, and people’s choice. Each hot dish cost one ticket to try. A ticket cost $1 and the proceeds went to ARC.

How to Clean a Vitamix and Remove Blender Film

Clean Vitamix

Is your blender grimy? Is there a film on the inside of the container? My vitamix was covered in smoothie gunk and hard water stains. I had forgotten how nice it looked when I bought it. I follow the regular cleaning routine which is a drop of dish soap, some water, and then let it run for a while. The smoothie gunk still built up. My vitamix needed a deep cleaning. After thinking about it for a bit, it turned out to be quick and easy.

Dinner at On’s Kitchen

Praram loang soang

Tonight, I had a great dinner with a bunch of vegans from a local meetup at On’s Kitchen. I had never been to this restaurant before, so I was unsure what to get. The meetup host suggested #49: Khao Mun Gai which is meat (tofu/mock duck) server with ginger and garlic sauce. She let me sample some. It was quite good with a nice strong ginger flavor, but I was in the mood for some veggies.

CAA 5th Annual Vegan Chili Cook Off


Last night was CAA’s 5th Annual Vegan Chili Cook Off. This was my first chance to attend one of their chili cook offs, and I had a great time. I wanted to attend previous events, but the scheduling didn’t work out until this year.